Parthia was built for Cunard White-Star Line in 1947 as a cargo and passenger vessel, and along with her sister Media, she was Cunard’s first postwar ship.

The liner was built to run the Liverpool – New York freight service, but she was equipped to carry 250 first class passengers in highly luxurious and private appointments, making her a ‘combination liner’.

In 1954, new style Denny Brown fin stabilisers were installed aboard Parthia. The stabilisers assisted in reducing movement and allowed for a much more comfortable crossing. The stabilisers were so successful that Cunard went on to install them aboard other liners, including the Queens.

By the late 1950s, jet airliners and the advent of Containerisation rendered Parthia redundant.

In 1961 she was sold to P&O for £705,000 and the ship sailed for New Zealand for operations in P&O’s New Zealand Shipping Co. subsidiary. There, the ship was renamed Remuera. Operating on the Auckland – London route, she was later transferred to full time Australian cruising under the name Aramac before being finally withdrawn in 1969 and scrapped.

Image sourced with permission from: Simplon Post Cards