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Britain’s answer to the German, Italian and French threat on the transatlantic run, construction of Cunard’s Queen Mary was interrupted by the Great Depression. However after the merger of Cunard with once rival, White Star Line, construction restarted off the back of a British Government subsidy, allowing for the construction of the most beloved liner of the 1930’s.

A tribute to everything great about British style and design, Queen Mary went on to serve valiantly in World War 2, transporting hundreds of thousands of troops to the war zone for King and Country. After providing a war bride service at war’s end, Queen Mary was returned to Cunard to enter service alongside her newer fleet mate, Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Mary served Cunard until 1967, by which time the economies of passenger shipping was devastated by transatlantic Jet aircraft services. Retired to Long Beach in California, Queen Mary remains to this day the greatest example of transatlantic history as a hotel, museum and conference centre.

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175 Years of Cunard traces the history of the Cunard Line from the early days of Sir Samuel Cunard to QM2. In this book, Queen Mary is featured in detail, with history of her build, service life and retirement. Colour and black and white photographs and images help tell the story… read more…

Image source: Wikimedia Commons.