Some frequently asked Questions about Cunard

When did Cunard start?

Cunard was established in 1839. Its first voyage took place aboard the Unicorn in mid 1840. The first Cunard express crossing departed on 4 July 1840 aboard Britannia. This voyage is often cited as the first Cunard voyage.

What was Cunard’s first ship?

The first ship to sail for Cunard was the Unicorn, built in 1836 and acquired by Cunard in 1840. The first ship built for Cunard was Britannia which entered service on 4 July 1840.

When did Cunard merge with White Star Line?

Cunard merged with White Star Line in 1934 during the Great Depression, creating Cunard-White Star Line. The merger was undertaken to allow British Government Funding for the building of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. By the 1940s, Cunard had absorbed White Star Line and the name reverted back to Cunard.

When did Carnival buy Cunard?

In 1998 Carnival acquired Cunard from Kværner. Carnival reorganised Cunard into a luxury British cruise brand. It moved Sea Goddess I, Sea Goddess II and Royal Viking Sun to Seabourn, and refurbished QE2 and Caronia. It also committed to built Queen Mary 2.

Did Cunard own Titanic?

No. Titanic was built for the White Star Line and entered service in 1912. At this time, Cunard and White Star Line were rivals. Titanic was the second ship in the Olympic-class of liners. Olympic was the first ship of this class, followed by Titanic and later Britannic. They were created to compete against Cunard’s Lusitania and Mauretania.

Did Cunard save Titanic?

A Cunard ship – Carpathia – was the first ship to arrive on the scene to assist Titanic’s survivors. Carpathia was the only ship that carried survivors back to New York.

Why are Cunard’s ships registered in Hamilton?

For much of Cunard’s history, their ships were registered in Liverpool, United Kingdom. In 1969 QE2 was registered in Southampton. During the 1970s-1990s Cunard had ships registered in the Bahamas, Oslo and Panama. In 1998, following the Carnival acquisition of Cunard, all ships were registered in the United Kingdom. Cunard has since re-registered their fleet in Hamilton, Bermuda with Bermuda allowing weddings to be hosted aboard.