One of the ‘Saxonia Class‘ liners, Ivernia was built in 1955 at the Jon Brown shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland.

She commenced her career with Cunard Line on the Canadian service, where she remained until the Jet Airliner made her obsolete.

During 1963, Ivernia was removed from service and extensively rebuilt for cruising. After the refit, she was renamed Franconia and sailed on cruising itineraries for Cunard.

Franconia remained in service until 1973 when she was sold to the Soviet Union owned Far Eastern Shipping Company. Here she was renamed Fredor Shalyapin.

During 1980, the ship was moved to the Black Sea Shipping Co., and remained in service until 1989. At this point, she was laid up; where she remained until 2004.

The former Ivernia / Franconia was finally scrapped at Alang after being towed from her layup.

Image sourced with permission from: Simplon Post Cards