QM2 Manoeuvrability

Watch my Queen Mary 2 time lapse of a complete 180° turn in the port of Fremantle, filmed on 18 February 2020. QM2 made an unexpected visit to Fremantle Australia in 2020 during her World Cruise. Due to heavy winds the ship docked ‘bow in’ on 18 February 2020.

That evening, under the command of Captain Aseem Hashmi, QM2 manoeuvred in a 180 degree turn to face bow out – in preparation for her departure on 19 February 2020. Watch how the Captain aboard QM2 use the ship’s advanced podded propulsion system and bow thrusters to make the ship effortlessly move in a 180° turn and dock again.

QM2 Manoeuvrability FAQ

Q: How can QM2 turn so easily?
A: Queen Mary 2 has a podded propulsion system. Two of her four pods can rotate 360 degrees and act as the rudder. With these pods as well as her four bow thrusters, QM2 can turn completely unaided.

Q: What kind of pods does QM2 have?
A:QM2 has four Rolls-Royce / Alstom Mermaid Pods. These propulsion units are 21.5 MW each. Two of the four can rotate.

Q: Is QM2 more manoeuvrable than QE2 or Titanic?
A: Yes! QM2 is far more manoeuvrable than her predecessor Queen Elizabeth 2. Both ships are more manoeuvrable than Titanic, with QM2 being orders of magnitude more capable than Titanic in this regard.