qm2-journey-2017RMS Queen Mary 2 – Cunard Flagship

When QM2 put to sea in late 2003, she was the first Ocean Liner to be built in a generation. As the first transatlantic ocean liner to enter service since QE2 in 1969, QM2 is not only a marvel of engineering, but also size.

Queen Mary 2 is the largest, longest and most expensive ocean liner ever built – an impressive title – and when she first joined the Cunard Fleet, she was also the largest cruise ship ever built.

QM2 boasts a graceful appearance and unique sea-keeping ability, capable of transiting the North Atlantic Ocean year round. Today she maintains the only regularly scheduled transatlantic crossings – a tradition that Cunard has held since 1840.

Together with Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, QM2 proudly carries the Cunard name around the world, undertaking regular world cruises as well as pleasure voyages, made possible thanks to her dual-purpose design.

Queen Mary 2 is one of my absolute favourite ships. By reading these pages I think you’ll understand why!

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