qm2-journey-2017QM2 is the largest Ocean Liner ever built.

QM2 was the first Ocean Liner to be built since 1969, when her forbear Queen Elizabeth 2 came into service. QM2 is not only a feat in engineering, but also in size. This mighty vessel is the largest, longest and most expensive ocean liner ever built – an impressive title indeed!

With her graceful appearance and superb sea-keeping ability, QM2 is a thoroughbred capable of transiting the North Atlantic Ocean.

QM2 ensures the Cunard Line’s survival well into the 21st century. Together with Queen Victoria and the new Queen Elizabeth, she will carry the Cunard name around the world, for many decades to come.

Are you amazed by QM2?

QM2 follows in the footsteps of greatness, being successor to Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the legendary QE2 – however today QM2 stands alone as the last of the great transatlantic liners.

QM2: A Photographic Journey takes the reader on a voyage of discovery aboard this spectacular ship. Each public room is featured, along with interesting narrative and amusing stories from time spent aboard. Read more.