Frequently Asked Questions about Queen Mary 2

How much does it cost to go on Queen Mary 2?

Prices vary. QM2 undertakes a variety of cruises. She also offers an array of cabin categories. Cabins range from the ultra luxurious Queens Grill suites to smaller inside Britannia cabins – so your cruise price will change depending on the number of nights and your cabin category.

What is the dress code like on Queen Mary 2?

The QM2 offers a more formal experience than many cruise liners. During the day the ship offers a casual atmosphere, where shorts and t-shirts, jeans and polo shirts are the norm. If you’re heading up on deck for a swim, bathers and board-shorts are fine. From 6pm the ship comes alive with the experience of travel from yesteryear and as such smart pants and jackets as well as elegant dresses or jumpsuits are the norm. The most formal evenings are on the Gala Nights where tuxedoes, dark suits and evening gowns are recommended.

Is Queen Mary 2 the largest cruise ship?

When QM2 entered service she was the longest, largest, tallest, widest and most expensive passenger ship ever built. While QM2 has been eclipsed in size by several cruise ships, she remained the largest ocean liner to ever set sail.

How long does it take QM2 to cross the Atlantic?

Queen Mary 2 is a very fast ship with a cruising service speed of 28.5 knots. The ship could complete a 5 day transatlantic crossing, but in reality most crossings are 7 days. A 7 day crossing on QM2 offers you enough time to really enjoy the ship while reducing the impact of timezone changes on your body clock.

What shopping is there on QM2?

Queen Mary 2 offers a variety of boutique shops in an area known as the Mayfair shops. This includes designer wears, clothing, watches, duty free items and personal items. In addition, Queen Mary 2 has a Clarendon Fine Art gallery, a Photo Gallery and a specialty shipboard Book Shop operated by Hardings. The ship also offers a selection of items from Harrods and H. Stern.

Are meals included in a Queen Mary 2 cruise?

Yes! Unlike the early ocean liners where passengers were required to bring their own food aboard, your meals are included aboard Queen Mary 2. This includes unlimited access to the Kings Court Buffet as well as three daily meals in your assigned restaurant. You will also be able to indulge in afternoon tea, or have a tasty pub lunch without paying any extra! Cunard also offer complementary room service 24 hours a day. There are some additional-fee options too – including Verandah and all alcohol and soft drinks attract an additional fee – but in reality if you wanted to cruise without paying a cent extra on food, you can!

Is entertainment included aboard Queen Mary 2?

Absolutely! There is heaps of included entertainment aboard Queen Mary 2. This ranges from Cunard’s renowned insights lecture programme to fantastic shows in the QM2’s Planetarium. Evening production shows, music recitals, comedy shows and alike are all included in your fare. You can also swim in the pools, partake of the pub quiz, watch a movie, meet the enrichment speakers or listen to a live band – and that’s just scratching the surface – there is a lot to do aboard QM2!

What money is used aboard Queen Mary 2?

Despite being a British liner, QM2 uses American Dollars (USD) aboard. All shipboard purchases are charged to your stateroom in USD. There is no cash used aboard, and you will be asked to register a credit card prior to departure.

What electrical currency is used aboard Queen Mary 2?

QM2 has plugs in both US and British design and currency in all of the ship’s cabins.