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When I was growing up, easy to read books about ocean liners helped shape my understanding of the significance of these great ships. Both Rachelle Cross and I think it’s important to make maritime history accessible, interesting and understandable. Our books are written with this in mind, with an aim of keeping the narrative punchy and entertaining. If you’ve read our books and want to provide feedback, get in touch.

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The Evolution of the Passenger Ship Book

The Evolution of the Passenger Ship

New Book: Take a voyage through the rich history of passenger ships.

From mass migration through to luxury holidays, passenger shipping has played a central role in the collective human story.

Accompanied by captivating photographs, The Evolution of the Passenger Ship explores the way ships were shaped over time and how they in turn helped to shape the world around them.

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Cunard History Book

180 Years of Cunard

This book is a celebration of Cunard and its 180 year history. It includes stories from Cunard captains, crew and shore side staff combined with stunning archival photography.

This new paperback edition is updated to cover events since the line’s 175th anniversary. With new and updated stories from people involved with line, Cunard’s 180-year history is shared in stunning photographs and engaging text to explore the legacy of the great Cunarders.

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QE2 Chris Frame Rachelle Cross

QE2: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Fast, smart and sleek, QE2 sailed over 5.6 million miles and carried more than 2.5 million passengers, transporting more people further than any ship before her. QE2 remains the longest-serving express liner in history.

Through words penned by passionate QE2 travellers and with tribute stories from captains, crew and guests, a wide selection of carefully selected photographs bring this wonderful ship to life.

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QM2: A Photographic Journey Book

QM2: A Photographic Journey (2017 ed.)

Tour the magnificent Cunard QM2, any time you wish! With over 200 beautiful photographs, freshly updated during the QM2 Remastered refit, the book showcases QM2, including her public rooms, dining venues, lounges and accommodation.

It also features stunning exterior shots and behind-the-scenes insights, this book is delightfully complemented by little-known facts and fascinating information about this grand ship.

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Cunard Colouring Book

Cunard Colouring Book

This beautifully designed colouring book celebrates the long heritage of the Cunard Line. It features the stunning interiors and exteriors of the Cunarders, including many of your favourite ships!

Peppered with fascinating text from Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross, it is sure to educate and entertain adults and children alike.

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P&O Colouring Book

P&O Cruises Colouring Book

A beautifully crafted colouring book celebrates the long heritage of P&O. This colouring book celebrates the long heritage of P&O, the stunning interiors and exteriors of the vessels, and much more besides.

Supplemented with fascinating text from Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross, it is sure to captivate and educate children and adults alike.

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Queen Elizabeth A Photographic Journey

Queen Elizabeth: A Photographic Journey

Explore the ship through 120 pages and hundreds of colour images. From the Art Deco inspired Royal Court Theatre, to her Sports Deck, each room is described in detailed narrative with complementing photographs taken by the authors.

This title also features an extensive tour behind the scenes, including The Bridge, Engine Room, Galley, Store Rooms and Cellars. The book was updated in 2021.

Complimented with stories from those who work and sail aboard her, including an interview with Captain Hashmi and tributes from Captain Thorhauge and Captain Wells. Learn More >

Queen Victoria: A Photographic Journey

Take the voyage of a lifetime through the public rooms of this stately ship. From Queen Victoria’s ornate Victorian styled Grand Lobby to the lavishly decorated Royal Court Theatre you can experience Queen Victoria from the comfort of their living room!

Complimented by amusing anecdotes and stories from those who work and sail aboard her. With a foreword by Captain Andrew Hall and an afterword by Commodore Christopher Rynd, this book is a must have addition for anyone who has sailed aboard Queen Victoria or loves the history of Cunard.

Fully updated following Queen Victoria’s 2017 refit. Learn more >

Oriana A Photographic Journey

Oriana: A Photographic Journey

A lovingly created detailed photographic tribute to P&O’s much loved and now retired Oriana.

This book is a must-have keepsake for anyone who has sailed aboard Oriana as well as those with a love of cruising with P&O.

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Rachelle Cross, Chris Frame: Aurora a Photographic Journey

Aurora: A Photographic Journey

Take a tour of the last cruise ship built for the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.

This beautiful book is a must-have keepsake for anyone who has sailed aboard Aurora as well as those with a love of cruising.

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QE2 a Photographic Journey

QE2: A Photographic Journey

Our first ever book, takes the reader on a voyage of appreciation of the best-known and most-loved ocean liner.

Tour the iconic Cunard Ocean Liner Queen Elizabeth 2, as she appeared during her final year of Cunard service.

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Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner

Follow the changing form of the transatlantic ocean liner from inception – to the jet age, and learn how ship design has been influenced over time.

The book answers many questions and explains the differences between a liner and a cruise ship.

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Orient Line History Book

A Photographic History of Orient Line

Trace the fascinating history of Orient Line & how it shaped Australia.

From the early days of the Orient Line of Clipper Ships through the era of steam driven liners, to the final Orient Line voyage, this book showcases the history of Orient Line with an exquisite collection of rare photographs.

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Photographic History of P&O Cruises

New Edition: One of the world’s most loved cruise lines, P&O Cruises can trace its history back over 180 years. Through an impressive collection of imagery, this book details the history of P&O Cruises and explores the impact P&O had in shaping the British Empire.

Explore the history of P&O Cruises with magnificent archival photographs. Learn more >

QE2 Book

The QE2 Story

Learn about the QE2’s four decades of service in a fast paced book. Learn more >

QM2 Book

The QM2 Story

The first ten years of Queen Mary 2’s illustrious career. Learn more > 

Cunard book

The Cunard Story

Cunard’s long history in a short and punchy pocket-book format. Learn more >