Explore the changing shape of the transatlantic liner from the 1830s to today

The Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner

Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner follows the changing form of the transatlantic ocean liner from inception in the 19th Century to the jet age of the 1960’s.

This book details the way a changing world, politics and technology led to the construction of ever larger, faster and grander ocean liners.

It traces how transatlantic liner design has been influenced by changing needs and beliefs, while at the same time showcases how these great transatlantic liners helped shape societies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Covering great liners such as Great Western, Great Britain, Great Eastern, Britannia, Etruria, Umbria, Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, Oceanic, Lusitania, Mauretania, Olympic, Titanic, Bremen, Rex, Normandie, Queen Mary and many more, this book is a valuable addition to your historical maritime library.

A word from Maritime Historian Bill Miller

Bill Miller is one of the greatest maritime historians of our time. Of The Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner, Bill Miller says: “Insightful, interesting and a grand introduction about a grand era of great ships … I recommend it for any & all enthusiasts!”

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