QE2 Chris Frame Rachelle CrossQE2: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Fifty years ago the last British built transatlantic liner was launched. Christened by HM The Queen on 20 September 1967, the 963ft-long vessel was named Queen Elizabeth 2.

By the end of that same day, she was already known by her famous nickname: QE2.

Fast, smart and sleek, QE2 sailed over 5.6 million miles and carried more than 2.5 million passengers during a magnificent 39 1/2 year career.

Put simply, she carried more people further than any ship before her and remains the longest-serving express liner in history.

Through words penned by passionate QE2 travellers and with tribute stories from captains, crew and guests, a wide selection of carefully selected photographs bring this wonderful ship to life.

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