John Brown & Co., Clydebank built Carinthia in 1956 as one of the four Saxonia class ships. A handsome ship, Carinthia sailed for Cunard Line until 1968 when the impact of the jet aircraft made her uneconomical to operate.

After a brief layup, Carinthia was sold to Sitmar Line where she was rebuilt into a full-time cruise ship and renamed Fairsea.

The vessel was operated by Sitmar until Sitmar was sold to P&O in 1988. Following the sale, the vessel was renamed Fair Princess and sailed for P&O’s American brand, Princess Cruises. She was later transferred to P&O Australia where she sailed until 2000.

The ship was then sold to China Sea Cruises and renamed SS China Sea Discovery. Here she sailed until she was retired in 2004 and later scraped in Alang, India.

Image source: Simplon Post Cards