RMS Majestic

Originally designed for Hamburg-Amerika Line and intended to be called Bismark, the ship’s keel plate was laid down in 1913 by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Captured after World War I, the unfinished ship became a White Star Liner. Named Majestic, the ship made her maiden voyage 10 May 1920.

Majestic was the largest liner in the world at the time she entered service, a title she retained until the Normandie entered service in 1935.

When Cunard and White Star Line merged, Majestic was transferred to the newly enlarged fleet. However, excess tonnage resulted in Majestic’s withdrawal and she was old on May 15 1936 for scrapping.

However, the British Admiralty acquired the liner and turned her into a cadet accommodation ship called HMS Caledonia.

To this end, her masts and funnels were shortened and she was based at Rosyth.

After a fire damaged the ship in 1939, she was sold for scrap; however her sunken hulk was not completely scraped until 1943.

Image sourced with permission: Simplon Post Cards