Cunard 180th Anniversary

This year is Cunard’s 180 anniversary. Later this year Cunard will celebrate 180 years of history, that began when Sir Samuel Cunard established the first regularly schedule transatlantic mail and passenger service on 4 July 1840. This service linked Liverpool in the United Kingdom with Boston in the United States and Halifax in Canada and started a revolution in transportation that led to the creation of the largest and fastest ocean liners the world has ever seen.

Share Your Story

As part of the celebrations, Cunard are hoping to collate stories and images from around the world that help describe how they’ve brought people together over this time.

Recognising the passion that you all have for Cunard – as friends and followers of my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts – Cunard have asked me to reach out to you on their behalf to help gather any stories and images that you would be prepared to share with them and fellow Cunard fans.

This could be stories of transatlantic voyages aboard the original queens, or cruising on the Franconia or Carmania in the 1960s. Maybe you have memories from past voyages aboard the QE2 during her 40 year career. Perhaps you have a family story of relocating across the Atlantic in decades past – or maybe you’re a more recent cruiser with a story from aboard the current Three Queens.

The Cunard team will be monitoring my channels for the next few weeks to learn more about your experiences. They would like to use some of the stories and images you post in the Cunard Loyalty Magazine – The Cunarder – as well as other Cunard printed and online material. To be sure Cunard receive your story, send your story to them on the email address

Cunard will make contact with those who have provided stories that they want to use – and provide you with a document asking for formal permission to use it for the stated purpose. A reminder to please only share your own stories or images that you have copyright permission to share, and remember to tag them with the hashtag #Cunard180 to be sure Cunard can see them, or send your story to them on the email address

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Video Image References:

[1] – RMS. Queen Mary – Colin Hargreaves
[2] – Franconia and Carmania – Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
All other imagery is copyright Chris Frame & Rachelle Cross.